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Foil, Épée, and Sabre

Welcome to the Southwest Fencing Club (SWFC) website. Where fencers of all ages are welcome to join the club for open fencing and instructional classes.


“Why fencing?  It’s only the fastest, most intense sport you will ever experience!  If you think you would like to try something that will demand total concentration, require tactical thinking, and reward precise control, all while immersing you in the thrill of simulated combat, come join us!”



The SWFC is a not-for profit Arizona corporation formed in 1983 (from the Phoenix Fencing Club which was founded in 1959) to promote the sport of fencing.


The SWFC is a member club of the United State Fencing Association (club number #100025115).



Our main club headquarters are based in Phoenix, AZ, and we are pleased to announce a Flagstaff, AZ location!


Club Offerings

Both the Phoenix and Flagstaff locations offer instructional classes for beginners and for experienced fencers a chance to participate in open fencing. Please come join us, the more the merrier!


The Club aims to provide a fun, structured environment to develop skills in fencing and encourage participation in competitive tournaments sanctioned by the United States Fencing Association.



The SWFC teaches classes through the Phoenix Department of Parks & Recreation and through the YMCA in Flagstaff.


Open Fencing

For our more experienced fencers, year-round open fencing is available on our electric scoring equipment. Lessons and drills are also available for those who want to work on particular techniques in foil, épée, or sabre.

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